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Swivelwheel-46 (Single Wheel)


The Swivelwheel-46 Starts at ($1695)

It comes standard with a single point hitch bar.

The Swivelwheel-46 System has a deck dimension of 6 ft wide x 4 ft long. There is a weight capacity of 600 pounds with the system. This system is great for transporting motor scooters, generators, small ATV's, etc. The Swivelwheel-46 system may also be loaded from the rear or from the sides. The tailgate on the pickup may be lowered with the Swivelwheel system attached. All Swivelwheel systems incorporate regulation DOT lighting with a 4-wire flat trailer plug. The single point hitch bar is standard with the SW-46 and you also have the ability to option out for the dual hitch bar for heavier loads to have better stability. 

Additional Options Include:

1.) Spare Tire and Wheel $85.00
2.) 3-Piece Loading Ramps $395.00
3.) Dual receiver hitch $175.00
4.) Both Single and Dual Receiver hitches $225.00

Swivelwheel 46 Specs

DECK DIMENSIONS - 6' Wide x 4' Long 
DECK HEIGHT - Level at 25 3/4" 
DECKING MATERIAL- 3/4" Treated/Painted Plywood
FRAME MATERIALS - Welded Tubular Steel
2" x 2" Stake Receivers (2 ea on the front and rear)
Single Torsion Suspension W/ Friction Plate 
Single 5.70 x 8 "C" Rated, 6 Ply Highway Speed Trailer Tire 910 Pound load @75 PSI 
Standard Trailer Lighting w/ 4 Wire flag Plug (All Swivelwheel Systems meet DOT regulations
Most states require basic lighting or flagging when a device or load extends 48" and beyond the tail lights of a tow vehicle. 
Single receiver Hitch mount utilizes a standard class-II to a Class-IV receiver on the tow vehicle.
600 LBS
Loads from the street or curb side or from the rear.
FRAME FINISH: Black Semi-Gloss power coat
JACK STAND LEGS w/ Wheel included
SW-46 Certification includes Manufacturers Certificate of Origin. Includes SAE VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Sticker

In Depth Information about Swivelwheel Transportation Systems:

The Swivelwheel transport system uses a caster wheel system. The Swivelwheel is compatible with fifth wheel trailers and motor homes (Class A, B and C) That have a Class III Receiver or more.

Note: Be aware! Since the introduction of the Swivelwheel product line and the rise in popularity of the Swivelwheel, manufactures have copied our Swivelwheel name and are posting it on their websites, calling their products Swivelwheels. Accept no substitutes. The Swivelwheel Systems cannot jackknife or sway unlike traditional trailers. The Swivelwheel system will always track with the tow vehicle whether in traveling mode or backing up. This is especially important when attached to a fifth wheel and motor home. Unlike a trailer that must be disconnected prior to backing up a fifth wheel or motor home. 

Contrary to popular belief in some chat rooms, Swivelwheel Systems do not have what they call caster flutter while driving down the road at any speed. Our wheel assemblies are engineered to remove the flutter that other manufacturers have. The systems also include an adjustable friction pad to alleviate any chance of flutter due to outside causes.  All swivelwheel systems come standard with front removable jack stand legs with wheels for ease of moving around while disconnected from tow vehicle. 

The swivelwheel systems incorporate a torsion suspension, which is a proprietary product. The wheel assemblies utilize 5.70-8 D 8 PLY and a 5.70-8 C 6 Ply which are highway rated tires. The front deck height on all Swivelwheel Systems are adjustable to accommodate the receiver height on the tow vehicle.

Swivelwheel Towing Requirements : 

It is up to the Swivelwheel system owner to evaluate the frame and capacity of the tow vehicle. All Swivelwheel Transport Systems utilize a class II, III or IV receiver package that is installed onto the tow vehicle.

Chassis Frame needs to be able to support the weight of the system plus any added loads. All Swivelwheel systems will have about a 50/50 split for tongue weight. Installing a Swivelwheel system onto a chassis frame that does not have the capacity to handle a Swivelwheel system could result in damage. 

We always inform the customer of the requirements of the tow vehicle. The Swivelwheel was designed for fifth wheels trailers and motor homes(Class A, B, and C) coaches.

Note: Specs for fifth wheels must be 30 ft or more with a dry weight of 10,000 lbs or more anything under that could cause unintended effects to the fifth-wheel. Loading of the platform has a effect on the handling of the system. The load should be centered as much as possible. This distributes the weights evenly between the fifth wheel and Swivelwheel tire.

A frequent question asked is if the Swivelwheel system is legal to tow in all states. There are basically 22 states that do not allow double trailer towing, some of them call it triple towing. We consider the system an extension of the Fifth wheel or motor home. (Not  a Trailer).

Although we do not agree, The State of New York has decided to reclass our swivelwheel system therefore, it could fall under the double/triple towing law.

A trailer is classified by a ball mount, our Swivelwheel system does not utilize a ball mount. There are other classifications but the Swivelwheel just does not meet them.