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Quickie Cart FAQ’s

Q.) How fast does it go?

A.) 12-14MPH Depending on weight on the cart.

Q.) How long does a charge last?

A.) 6-8 Hours (Takes just as long to charge to full)

Approx. 25 Miles 

Q.) What does it come with ? 

A.) Hard top Roof, Windshield, Onboard Charger, Front and Rear suspensions, 16inch Tires, Carbon Fiber Dash, LED Headlights / Turn signals in front and back.  All included at $4499.

 (Only change in price can be from custom colors [$245] and a Rear View mirror [49.99]  + Freight to their location(See note below)

NOTE : No sales tax when shipping outside of texas. Only when picked up or shipped within the state.

Q.) What colors do you have? 

A.) Our free color options are Pearl White, Quicksilver, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black. We do Custom Colors for $245. 

(Can send customer link below to view color chart)


Q.) What is your Lead time? 

A.) We normally ship within 1-3 days of an order being placed 

(As long as we are not backordered and they did not choose a custom color that has to be shipped to us) We do our best to work with people on a time frame, just need to give us a call at 832-240-5700 as soon as possible.

Q.) How long is the Warranty and How is it handled? 

A.) Warranty is 6 Months on the full Cart. (Barring Cosmetic issues such as scratches and wear from normal use of the cart) 

To use the warranty customer must first contact Quickie Products LLC and would bring the cart to a local golf cart repair shop

Q.) What is the difference between you and cricket? 

A.) We have a 2000 Watt Motor which is twice as strong as theirs. 

A Full body aluminum frame compared to a single piece of flatbar. 

( Our collapsible model will be $200 more expensive and has three rods that slide through ball bearings which makes it more stable than their collapsible unit) 

It comes with the hard top roof and windshield. (cricket charges $539 for roof and windshield)

Come with handrails in the front and back (cricket charges $59) 

Our wheels are 16 inches diameter (crickets are 14in.) 

Q.)  How long have they been out?

A.) Quickie Products LLC is a new company, but the Carts have been on the market previously for 8 years sold as “Kangacruz” in Canada, But sadly they shut down in 2020 after being unable to compete with companies in the U.S.  so Quickie Products has filled the gap in the market and become the official distributors for these carts in North America.