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Our founder and 30 year entrepreneur Dalva R. Alexander started Quickie Products LLC to supply a need that wasn’t being satisfied. To offer a mini golf cart or mobility cart for people to use in their neighborhoods, camping, at the race track, festivals to get around in comfort and style. Whether it’s to take the kids or grandkids for an evening ride or to the pool. Dalva Alexander has founded 8 companies from the ground up starts to multimillion dollar companies during his 30 year career. He is an Inventor and product design kind of guy with patents to his name. He has designed products in the medical power wheelchair industry and aftermarket RV industries. His inventions are still cutting edge in each of the business he has been involved in. Dalva has shown he can conceive an idea, design and produce, along with marketing it throughout the USA and Canada. That is why some of the largest companies have bought his companies over the years. He just comes up with very unique ideas.

He’s the founder of:

Medi Networks Inc. PPO

Houston Medical supply & mobility

Tilt Master

Fast Master Bolt Company

DalvaCo Properties

Fast Master Products Inc. (Cruiser Lift, Swivelwheel platforms, Cruiser Ramp) RV products

To name a few. As a company we are self-funded and don’t need banks. This should give you the buyer a great sense of security that we will be here for years to come.

Mr. Alexander is also an avid racer.